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Winchester Tennessee

1155 south college st

10 week program

JUN 7- AUG 13 



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Medical Assistant Training


Phlebotomy Training

MRI was established to meet a real need in a real world. Most people don't have two years to get an associates degree.  MRI packs 200 classroom hours into 10 weeks, learning at a high level of competency. Upon completion of school the students then are able to get 40 clinical hours. Students are then eligible to take their national exams as Certified Medical Assistants AND  Phlebotomy Technicians.  The Medical Assistant job will continue to be the number 1 fastest growing field in the medical industry per the US Dept of Labor through 2025. With a major push toward Vocational type skills it was very important that a educational opportunity be created that is Affordable, Shorter Time Frame and Professional.  MRI has a proven track record and even though we are a privately owned small school our students are making a major impact in the medical work force.